Everyone Needs Healing

by Ed Englerth

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What Did You Expect? By Ed Englerth What did you expect when you got on board? What did you expect once this trip got started? Life is not free from life. We've got to get over, we've got to get on. We're all in this together. N' I pray your ride lasts a long long time. Last night I had such a lonely dream. I could see for miles around me. Where were the chariots To carry me far away? They were all parked in a row Like an abandoned parade. It's so hard to see through all this smoke There's danger with these flames. The path is not clearly marked and The shadows dance in the fire. I'm walking by kinetic memory. I think desire's wired. It's a long long time. And we're in this over our heads. We've to get over, got to go on. And the truth is worth confessing.
My Name Is Martin by Ed Englerth My name is Martin I think there’s something wrong I’m relaxing in the sun Memories are flaking off My name is Martin At least I remember that As the sun starts to set I sometimes lose my path My name is Martin My mind stretches & yawns Mocking precious memories But which ones I don’t recall Well, they show me pictures & movies To connect me to the past I see them at the station But they’re on a different track My name is Martin I’m so pleased to meet you Could you help to the bus I just need to find my shoes
Clementine 03:33
Clementine traditional lyric, arranged with new music by Ed Englerth In a cavern, in a canyon Excavating for a mine Lived a miner, forty-niner And his daughter, Clementine Oh my darling, oh my darling My darling, Clementine You are lost and gone forever Dreadful sorrow, Clementine She was light just like a fairy Her shoes were number nine Herring boxes, without topses Sandals were for Clementine Oh my darling, oh my darling My darling, Clementine You are lost and gone forever Dreadful sorrow, Clementine Drove her ducklings to the water Ev'ry morning just at nine Hit her foot against a splinter Fell into the foaming brine Ruby lips above the water Blowing bubbles, soft and fine But, alas, I was no swimmer So I lost my Clementine //:Oh my darling, oh my darling (Oh) my darling, Clementine You are lost and gone forever Dreadful sorrow, Clementine://
You'd Think By Now by Ed E You’d think by now that I’d know But I don’t know love at all I thought saw love across the street When I walked over she told me I was wrong You’d think by know I’d know enough To hide all of this away But I want to know, I want to know I can’t just sit here and wait * Whatever you believe Love can or cannot do You’d think by now, you’d think by now We’d know more about love Well, well, well. Maybe not so well No matter how many times I lose I keep on going, I’m so far in debt I can’t quit, no, I refuse * Am I looking for clarity? Am I looking for my way? I am going to keep on moving, keep on trying & I’ll stand when I can no longer walk *
It's Going To Rain by Ed Englerth He lies and says his name is fate You took the bait so you're enslaved You can not just let it lay It's vanity by another name n' You act as one insane //: It's going to rain, yes rain :// There's so much on your plate They hand you a fork and they hand you a blade So you dug right in without delay But then you hear at the garden gate It's the landlord he says the rent is late Well that kind of talk just leaves you afraid //: It's going to rain, yes rain :// Turn around before it's too late And another mistake is made Death is always paid And you know his going rate So you look around for something to trade He knows you're home and so he waits I don't think he's just going to go away //: It's going to rain, yes rain :// Going to rain, It's going to rain It's going to rain, It's going to rain
Are Your Eyes Closed – by Ed Englerth I Want You To Close Your Eyes To Go Beyond The Veil Think Only Of The Peace Think Of What We Can Share I Am Waiting For You To See What I Have Found So Close Your Pretty Eyes And Put Aside Your Doubt //: Are Your Eyes Closed? :// The Lids Though Once Translucent Soon Reveal This Brand New Place You Are Standing On The Step When The Colors Start To Change //: Are Your Eyes Closed? :// (Bridge) Now We Are Together And We Can Interweave And although We Must Return I Never Want To Leave //: Are Your Eyes Closed? ://
Change 03:10
Change by Ed Englerth An old woman sits at the corner She sucks like kingdom come Her lips around a cigarette 82 and on oxygen She's got emphysema She’s got a wheelchair A man n’ a son are talking about her As if she’s not there How can she just sit there She can hardly breathe That’s what got her there It’s the last thing she needs Change why do we change Johnny goes to the store Buys himself a gun When he gets back home He’s mom says Take it back you might shoot someone He so sad he goes out the door N’ shoots himself in the head His mother forever wonders What she could have done instead Now she just sits there She can hardly breathe She wonders how she got there It’s the last thing she needs Change what really makes a change What’s the core of our being Skinner says there’s nothing It's the layers of an onion It’s the layers of conditioning Who decides what game to play Who enforces the rules Who puts the maze in place Who determines what we do Change who says how we change Change what kind of change How much can we change Nothing’s going to be the same Everything’s going to change Well maybe not everything Is it all rewards and pain Will we all be the same What does it mean to change What gets rearranged Who loses and who gains What the definition of insane Always doing the same thing And expecting things to change Why do we change How do we change What do we change Who do we change Where do we change Here’s my money can I have my change I’ve heard it’s all vain Will it hurt when I leave a stain Ain’t going to miss that train.
Everyone Needs Healing Sharp Words Shake Me Loose, well Please Forgive This Attitude, Out Of The Well Sounds Are Heard, A Bubble, A Sob, Three Awful Words, //:Everyone Needs Healing:// At The Bottom They Rampage, They walk that Pit, man they Seek Escape, And If They Came Out One By One, Then I Could Slay Each Dragon, //:Everyone Needs Healing:// yes well the Terror Was Worse Than The Agony, When This Child Eyed Each Enemy, Years Of Time and Riches Gone, The Monster's Will, Still, is Iron Strong, To Face The Beasts, To Find The Names, And Annihilate, Each Cause Of Pain yes //:Everyone Needs Healing:// Everyone Everyone Everyone Needs Healing
Take Your Burdens by Ed Englerth why You look a bit bewildered I don't want you confused I know you understand That I've got this job to do I understand what you're saying but your pleads are nothing new I wish your explanations had the ring of truth (Chorus) Well take your burdens lay them down your troubled mind and heart take your burdens lay them down or they'll tear you apart you may experience exhaustion that's the way that people feel when they're trying to move to planets where dreams meet what's real there's no winning, no losing there's no final test I will hold you tight breathe your final breath (Chorus) your body suffers pain you'll want to turn around Between the hope and doubt And the lighting in the clouds (Chorus) well your body suffers pain Makes you want to turn around But between the hope and doubt lighting strikes and the thunder rolls Well take your burdens lay them down
L.O.V.E. 03:36
L.O.V.E. – by Ed Englerth well Love Is Not Easily Angered Love Must Always Be Sincere and Love Rejoices When Truth Wins It Can't Wear Out & It Won't Give In (Chorus) Heart, Mind, & Soul It's More Than Playing A Role L-O-V- E Love - L-O-V- E Love - L-O-V- E Love - L-O-V- E Love - Don't That Make Sense Practice Love, But Don't Leave Justice Love Always Protects - & It Will Always Trust Love Always Hopes, it Always Perseveres Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear, (Chorus) Now Don't You Go and Get Yourself a Big Fat Head With All That You Think You Know Come On Now & Get A Heart Come On & Let That Love Grow Heart, Mind, & Soul It's More Than Playing A Role L-O-V- E Love - - That's What I Said L-O-V- E Love - - That's What I Meant L-O-V- E Love - - Let's Hear come on L-O-V- E Love - Don't That Make L-O-V- E yeah yeah yeah yeah L-O-V- E //:come on:// 5x L-O-V- E yeah yeah yeah yeah L-O-V- E Love - Don't That Make Sense
Grace Is Where Peace Begins by Ed Englerth Where is the peace, the bridges are all gone I lit every fuse and watched them explode Shards of glass and metal hearts And all the lonely pieces of the fallen stars I am not sure just how I got here And I do not know where I want to go I grew up angry at the world With a bad case of vertigo Grace walks by and I look at her Grace walks by and I look at her Grace walks by and I look at her She walks over and calmly speaks I hesitate at first can I trust the words of Grace There is no guile upon her face She smiles and puts her hand on my heart And even if I wanted to I can not break away Grace walks by and I look at her Grace walks by and I look at her She walks over and calmly speaks The sun comes up and she is in a pool of light I drop back and fall on my knees I said I’m not the kind of person you should be around She smiled again and said, “forgiveness is the key” “Forgiveness is the key” She smiled and said, “forgiveness is the key” Grace is the place the peace begins Grace is the place the peace begins Grace is the place the peace begins Grace is the place the peace begins Grace is where the peace begins
Walking This Train By Ed Englerth Walking This Train Going To Cover It All Can't Sit Still With All These Thoughts Constant Motion I Stumble Around I Make My Way As The Sun Goes Down (Chorus) Too Restless For Sleep Too Tired To Care I'm Walking This Train I'm Paying My Fare Lights Go Off And I See My Flaws Should I Pause Or Should I Withdraw (Chorus) I'm Taking Stock Of How Much I've Spent The Miles I've Gone What I've Got Left Too Restless For Sleep Going Here And There I'm Walking This Train I'm Paying My Fare (Chorus)


More about Ed. . .
Ed Englerth has played music with; Ray White(Frank Zappa & Zappa Plays Zappa), Kenny Meeks (Sixpence None The Richer), Joe English(Paul McCartney & Wings), Robin Robbins (Bob Seger), John Lawry (Petra), Jan Krist, Jim Cole, Aracely, Jim Earp, Scott Roley, Dave Perkins (Chagall Guevara), Donny Hartman (Frost), Xalt, Armada, Linear Action Band, Aslan, Harvey Jet (Black Oak Arkansas) , and Earthen Vessel.

Ed Englerth pulls the current pulse from many generations of musical influences presenting something refreshing and unique.

They said what about Ed Englerth?
“[Restless Ghost] is a fascinating release with bags of heart and integrity and deserves wider recognition than just the underground buzz that it will no doubt generate.” Paddy Hudspith – Cross Rhythms UK
“The strengths of this collection of songs [Restless Ghost] are Englerth’s often creative and always quite impressive guitar playing, and his interaction with his band members” Bert Saraco –Phantom Tollbooth US
“Englerth’s masterful guitar playing, direct and unpretentious vocals, and thoughtful lyrics are increasingly impressive upon repeated listenings.” S.T. Karnick – National Review Online.
“Is it possible to call him [Ed Englerth] a genius? I think so…”
Rafael Carnovale – Brasil – Rio De Janeiro – Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal
“top quality” – Wonderful World of Music, Belgium.
“masterful guitar playing” – All Music Guide(AMG)
“Ed is a consummate musician” Cross Rhythms(United Kingdom)
“The lyrics contain relevant thoughts of social justice…Mr. Englerth has quite a knack for creating thought-provoking tunes…” White Throne –California
“the driving motor behind this great rock and roll…” Switzerland – Cross Metal
“Wow! . . . one of the underground’s best-kept secrets. This guy needs to be put on a label!!” Chris Yambar –Youngstown, Ohio.
“deserves much more press than I can give him.” Brian A. Smith –Phantom Tollbooth
“A work that transcends age, for the connoisseur” Rocka Rolla – Argentina
“the real deal” Justin Wright – Phantom Tollbooth

Ed Englerth –SHAKE, RATTLE, and FOLK
SHAKE. . . Disturbing the warp and woof, shattering the serene, unnerving the unresponsive, rhythms that make you sweat. RATTLE . . . What awakens one from dreams, from that place of comfortable complacency? From the distillation of life in this world come the images from Ed.FOLK. . . Music that verbalizes attitudes and dimensions. Acoustic, it carries the energy from the power of the song rather than the power of the amplifier. Freedom to express from the long lineage of the soul. Refuses to ignore hardship in this life and our response to it.

Ed Englerth is a legend in this business. He has written thousands of songs and his songs have been recorded by Herbie Russ and by Xalt. As a pioneer in the Folk and Rock scene, Ed played in 70s bands such as Aslan and Earthen Vessel. Today, Ed’s style is a mix of folk, blues, jazz, and experimental music. With intelligent song-crafting, he covers issues of skepticism, faith, social justice, love lost & love found, and the everyday struggles and triumphs of life. He was the founding member and songwriter for the band LAB (Linear Action Band). As a solo artist Ed has several recorded projects. CDs include, “Real Thin Dream”, “Hope Dream Sigh”,“Restless Ghost”, “D.I.A.L. Business”, “The Ed Englerth Jazz Quartet”, “Anything But Hope”, “Live at the State Grounds Coffeehouse”, “Little Bit Of Me Everywhere,” “Rational?,” and “PINGO.

In concert, Ed blends wit and wisdom and people come away in good spirits, entertained, and enlightened.

To Whom It May Concern,

Ed Englerth is a true artist and has lived his life expressing a deep understanding of what is important. He has the ability to express through his art, life in all its mystery.

He is an accomplished musician and will be a terrific addition to any concert venue or event roster. He literally can play and perform anywhere for anyone! A rare talent…

Your people and audiences will love Ed Englerth and you will have him back time and time again.

Scott Roley
Activist/Singer Songwriter


released March 23, 2020

Recorded at BlueSideDownStudios
Mix and Mastered by Timothy J Ripley


all rights reserved



Ed Englerth Hastings, Michigan

Ed Englerth has played music with; Ray White(Frank Zappa & Zappa Plays Zappa), Kenny Meeks (Sixpence None The Richer), Joe English(Paul McCartney & Wings), Robin Robbins (Bob Seger), John Lawry (Petra), Jan Krist, Jim Cole, Aracely, Jim Earp, Scott Roley, Dave Perkins (Chagall Guevara), Donny Hartman (Frost), Harvey Jet (Black Oak Arkansas)

Ed Englerth is a BlueSideDownStudios artist.
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